‘Paranoid’ curtain twitcher convinced ‘drug dealing neighbours put a hit on him’

A ‘paranoid’ curtain twitcher has become convinced his neighbours are dealing class A drugs and fears they will ‘put a hit on him’ to ensure his silence.

The man who spoke to the Daily Star on condition of anonymity said he lived in South London and had noticed an unusual pattern of behaviour stemming from his neighbour's house late at night.

He explained: “My house looks out directly onto the road below and I started to notice that people were coming and going from my neighbour’s house at all times of the day and night.

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“I get obsessive over things like this and as I live alone I spend a lot of time looking out my window anyway.

“I think they're dealing drugs and as I know they’ve seen me I’m worried they know I’m on to them.”

The man revealed that due to his own unusual habits he is often awake at 5am and has seen a van idling by the house.

He continued: “The van is always there, but recently whenever I go to the window it drives off.

“They definitely think I’m a cop, but I’m not, I just want to look out my window.”

And despite having no evidence whatsoever that his neighbours are indeed South London druglords, the man is convinced they are out to get him.

He continued: “What if they put a hit on me? What if I know too much? I know I'm paranoid but they could be dealing anything in there and you know how violent London can be.

“It’s got to the point now where I try and avoid going near the window in case they think I’m snooping which I'm not, I'm just a man trying to enjoy my window."

If you suspect your neighbours could be involved in a drug ring, the Met Police advise you to report your findings here.


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