People horrified by werewolf as mysterious human-like beast caught on zoo camera

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Reddit users are baffled over a CCTV capture that appears to show a werewolf walking past a zoo.

The site has been sent into meltdown by the image of the furry animal walking on its back legs in the early hours of the morning.

A stunned groundskeeper pictured the odd, dog-like figure outside the fence of Amarillo Zoo in Texas and asked if anyone had any idea as to what the strange being was.

One person responded: “I see pointy ears, long snout, what appears to be a tail, and what looks like a bunch of fur sticking out the back of its neck. I’d say, Werewolf.”

Whilst someone else agreed and posted: “Good photo of a possible werewolf is my take on it… it looks like sharp long ears, very straight legs with funny feet, arms extended, and tail. The face has a muzzle look, with sideburns.”

But not everyone agreed the photo was proof of a half-human mystical being and some people accused the poster of photoshopping the image.

Others said it could be someone in fancy dress whilst one joked: “Breaking news, Fantastic Mr. Fox cited for indecent exposure and public intoxication at the zoo this weekend.”

Someone else suggested it could actually just be a racoon and wrote: “You are all wrong if you said anything but RACOON!

“My son has pictures of them on his phone standing up on hind legs looking at us on our front and back porches. End of story!”

Although there is no record of a werewolf ever being caught by authorities, there are plenty of anecdotes from people convinced they have had an encounter with the beast.

Last year, a village in South Africa was terrified after a man was found dead covered in bite marks near a river.

They called cops to report a mythical monster was behind the attack and locals vowed to not go outside until the werewolf was captured – although it never was.

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