Perv community had sex with horses on farm – before deadly romp ended it all
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    The town of Enumclaw in Washington is a picture-perfect rural community, with views of the nearby Mount Rainier making it a peaceful destination for hikers.

    But back in 2005, the bizarre death of a local man uncovered the town's dark secret — it was also a popular destination for sickos who wanted to have sex with animals.

    On the early morning of July 2, Kenneth Pinyan was dropped off a the Enumclaw Community Hospital by an unidentified man.

    Staff wheeled him into an examination room before realising he was dead.

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    An investigation into his death uncovered a sex scandal that rocked the whole town.

    Cops found Pinyan was part of a community of men, known as Zoos, who would regularly meet to have sex with horses at a local farm.

    The men originally found each other on Facebook, where they would discuss their sick fantasies with each other.

    They eventually began meeting at a farm in Enumclaw on the weekends to film each other being penetrated by horses.

    Soon the rural area was known on Zoophile chat rooms as a destination for people wanting to have sex with animals.

    Charles Mudede, who wrote the 2007 documentary Zoo about the Enumclaw zoophile community, described the town as a "paradise for a horse f***er."

    He told Vice News: "Everyone in Enumclaw is very close to horses. It's a quiet, rural suburb with a view of the mountains. Everyone is a horse person, and as you know, the town included all types of horse worship.

    "It was a place where you could f*** horses, and no one could tell."

    But the secret group's revolting hobby came to an end when Pinyan received fatal injuries during a romp with a horse the men had nicknamed "Big D**k".

    Pinyan, who worked as an engineer for Boeing, was being filmed having sex with the horse when he sustained injuries including a perforated colon.

    When surveillance footage captured the licence plate of the car used to drop Pinyan off at the hospital, police were led to 54-year-old truck driver James Michael Tait, who lived next door to a 39-acre farm.

    While searching his trailer cops discovered 100 VHS tapes and DVDs containing hundreds of hours of footage of the men engaging in bestiality.

    Among them was a video featuring Pinyan shortly before he died which ended up going viral online.

    According to Charles, Tait was the leader of the Enumclaw Zoo community.

    He explained: "The one thing this group had was someone who was a really good organiser. Tait really went out of his way to cultivate the community. He was very selective about who could join and did the whole territorial thing."

    While speaking to members of the group during the production of the documentary, Charles discovered the men had trained the horses to have sex with them by covering themselves in a pheromone.

    The substance was used to get horses to breed before they would "literally bend over and wait for the horse to f*** them".

    He also found out horses weren't the only animal they were into.

    He added: "They were really into the cows, too. One of the guys literally said he planned on eating one of the bulls after it f***ed him. I found that to be very problematic. Getting f***ed by something you were going to eat? He was super darkly into zoophilia in a way that was unlike the others.

    "A lot of these guys wanted to see themselves as massive animal f***ers—guys who could take on huge things. They would even talk about f***ing dolphins, which supposedly have big c**ks."

    Because bestiality was still legal at the time and police could find no evidence the horses had been abused, Tait was only charged with trespassing after the scandal was uncovered.

    The owners of the farm claimed they had no idea the men had been meeting there to have sex with horses.

    In response to the incident, Washington State made bestiality a Class C felony in 2006 — punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

    The law change left the community "angry" at Pinyan, with Charles explaining they considered him "a bit of weakling" who ruined things for them.

    "If Pinyan didn't die, those guys he hung out with would still be f***ing horses today and no one would have suspected anything," he said.

    He claimed many of the men moved to different states after the law change, where it was still legal for them to have sex with animals.

    Tait moved to Tennessee but the state also banned bestiality in 2007 and in 2009 he was arrested alongside farm owner Kenny Thomason on animal cruelty charges, the Seattle Times reported.

    According to Maury County Detective Terry Chandler, the pair, who lived together on the farm, had been "having sex with full-grown horses" and it had "been going on for some time".

    The farm was home to 13 horses, Shetland ponies, goats and dogs and the detective said it appeared people had also been having sex with the ponies and dogs.

    Video footage of men having sex with the animals had been found at the farm and cops were investigating whether it was being advertised as a bestiality destination as well.

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