PETA demands all meat eating men are banned from having sex

Animal rights group PETA has made the startling claim that men who eat meat should be banned from having sex.

The non-profit organisation has claimed that the consumption of sausages and schnitzel is a symptom of “toxic masculinity” which is leading to the disintegration of planet Earth.

PETA’s German division specified research from the scientific journal PLOS One which illustrated that men caused 41% more greenhouse gas emissions than women mainly due to men consuming more meat.

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Due to the findings from PLOS One, PETA has since demanded a “sex ban for all meat-eating men” and has urged their female counterparts to “go on sex strike to save the world”.

Daniel Cox, campaigns team leader for PETA Germany said: “We all know them, the suburban fathers with beer bottles and barbecue tongs, sizzling 70c sausages on their £611 (€700) grill."

He added: "The courgette added by the visitor is eyed with suspicion and only reluctantly tolerated."

He added: “Now there is scientific proof that toxic masculinity also harms the climate. Therefore, a hefty meat tax of 41% for men would be appropriate."

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PETA encouraged meat-eaters to join their Veganstart programme in a statement.

“For all the still meat-grilling dads who still want children with a liveable future on a liveable planet, we recommend changing your lifestyle by joining our free Veganstart programme," they said.

The uproar from PETA was sparked by the comments made by Sandrine Rousseau, a prominent French Green MP, who said the the usage of the outdoor grill is one that represents virility, male meat-eating compulsion and power over women.

“If you want to resolve the climate crisis, you have to reduce meat consumption, and that’s not going to happen so long as masculinity is constructed around meat,” Rousseau said.

The UN has called on governments to create more incentives for the public to consume less meat after stating that the rearing of livestock generates 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions.


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