Pfizer hands UK Covid lifeline as date wonder-pill will be available revealed: ‘Milestone’

Pfizer boss details investment into vaccine technologies

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Paxlovid will be available for those most at risk of developing a serious COVID-19 illness. Officially known as PF-07321332+ritonavir, it is the second antiviral pill to be made available to thousands of people with weakened immune systems. It will be rolled out from February 10.


The drug, made by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, can reportedly slash the risk of hospital admission or death by up to 88 percent if it is administered within the first five days of symptoms, clinical studies have shown.

This may prove vital for “high risk” individuals with weakned immune systems.

These people may not get as much protection as everyone esle from vaccines, so a pill targeted specifically for them is likely to boost their protection.

And on Monday, Pfizer announced it will add a production facility for Paxlovid in France.


It was a part of its startegy to boost production of the pill globally as countries scramble to control the virus.

This also comes after the roll out of another antiviral pill, called molnupiravir.

The drug has already been administered to nearly 10,000 high-risk patients.

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