Pictures of Bigfoot-like creature hiding in trees shows huge size of the ‘beast’

Pictures of a Bigfoot-like creature lurking among trees have emerged showing the sheer size of the "beast".

The footage, which was shot in a wooded area in Tennessee, United States, shows a huge black figure with super-long arms moving through the trees.

Despite a lack of clarity, which appears to be the norm in all these situations, there’s definitely some weird creature hanging around in the treeline.

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Even though there is a giant beast hanging around just metres away from his campsite, the person shooting the video doesn't sound overly concerned with its presence in the brief clip.

According to Bigfoot Input, the man said he first thought it was a friend playing a prank but once he saw the length of its arms and how it moved from tree to tree, he quickly grabbed his daughter and ran back inside.

He said he got his gun and dog and went back outside but the creature had gone.

The video has been shared on social media, where it’s got people baffled and questioning what it could be.

One person said: “What gets me is how it grabs one tree and then stretches the other arm to grab the other. I've heard of that before.”

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Another said: “Long arms and I noticed the broad shoulders that you will see a Bigfoot having that a hunter in a suit does not have!”

A third commented: “That is crazy real looking. No one has arms like that unless you're Stretch Armstrong! (remember that doll?). I think this is a wonderful catch.”

But not everyone was convinced about the clip.

“Looks fake as hell,” someone else wrote. “Why’s it so blurry? My 3-year-old cheap smart phone takes better video…”

While some else said: “Lots of pixilation, so hard to say for sure. First couple watches, it looks CGI. The black is very black compared to the background and it seems to have a computer image type flow to it.”


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