Prankster advertises ‘vaginal yeast sourdough starter’ made from ‘girlfriend’

A man has been slammed for selling vaginal yeast sourdough started from his "girlfriend's flaps" on Facebook.

The unusual product has left people feeling revolted, causing strong backlash.

Tom O'Malley, 38, advertised the product on Facebook Marketplace for £7.

However, he has faced criticism and been called a "misogynist" and "perverted" for selling it.

But, it is all, in fact, a prank gone wrong.

The insurance advisor from Gosport told Jam Press that he set up the listing as a joke – as he hit out at "sensitive" people online.

Tom said: "I noticed there were so many people selling sourdough starters on the selling pages.

"I remember there was someone who had actually used vaginal yeast for bread on Ricky Gervais’ Afterlife and it got my mind ticking.

"It’s not real – I just love having a laugh and joke."

Despite more than a few nasty words said, Tom has been enjoying watching the scathing comments roll in.

He said: "I personally like the reactions from the funny to the more extreme – like people saying it is 'disgusting'.

"It just gives me a platform to show them that actually, their behaviour is unnecessary when it is quite clearly a joke!

"I find that in this day and age of 'Karens' we are in danger of losing sight of reality and how to actually laugh at ourselves."

Some individuals are horrified by the listing, with one person calling him a "sick idiot".

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"I do not want vile low-level rubbish like this on my feed," the person added.

A woman called Tom and others who appreciated the joke "a load of PERVERTS" and "sick-minded".

"Scary to think so many males are commenting on this post so unacceptable… need for it at all," she commented.

"Men like you lot are a danger to society with such sick thoughts and to put it on a public page too is very concerning."

Someone else posted: "What the actual f*** get a life you misogynistic idiot you should be castrated."

Others reacted in quite the opposite way, with many appreciating the prank.

One man wrote: "I don't find this in any way sick or disgusting."

Someone else added: "Breastmilk cheese to go with??"

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Some people were even concerned for Tom's girlfriend’s genitals, as one woman said: "You need to get your girlfriend's vagina checked out mate, that ain't normal."

Funnily enough, the prankster doesn't actually have a girlfriend at all.

He added: "I don't have a girlfriend at the moment, just someone I am sh******.

"She did laugh, especially when someone asked for a sample."

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