Prankster renames Sainsbury’s products to ‘bowel cleanser’ and ‘Ball Tingler’

A hilarious prank saw jokers swapping out Sainsbury's product labels for more brutal descriptions.

The jokers perused the supermarket shelves, swapping the tags from shower gel and hot sauce to Heinz bakes beans and a can of SPAM.

Andy Khatouli, creative director at Oddigy replaced the stores usual description with things like ‘all the worst bits’, ‘bowel cleanser’ and simply ‘R.I.P’.

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According to Indy 100, he shared the video of him pulling the prank on social media.

The creative designed the fake labels to perfectly match those used by the supermarket giant, including the font, size and style.

This meant unsuspecting customers wouldn’t pick up on the prank at first glance.

Heinz baked beans were renamed ‘bowel cleanser’. While tins of SPAM were dubbed ‘all the worst bits’.

A raw whole chicken was simply titled ‘R.I.P’.

Andy also labelled Sainsbury's classic houmous ‘Habibi, why?’, and Encona Scotch Bonnet sauce – which has a five chilli warning on the bottle – as ‘Lord Have Mercy’.

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Original Source, Tingly Mint & Tea Tree shower gel was dubbed ‘Ball Tingler’.

A more controversial one amongst tea lovers, Tetley teabags was titled ‘Weak’.

The Daily Star contacted Sainsburys for comment.

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