Psychic predicts ‘the elite’ won’t be able to ‘keep control of AI definitely’

“Elites” won’t be able to control AI technology going forward, a psychic has claimed.

Speaking on her show This is One Step Beyond ! Global Predictions by Psychic LJ, LJ fielded questions from fans. In a three-hour-long livestream, she covered a wide range of issues, including Donald Trump’s 2024 election campaign and a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza.

One question LJ was asked referred to artificial intelligence and its integration into the modern world. The fan asked whether or not she thought artificial intelligence could be contained by governments.

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“Can the elites keep control of AI definitely?” the guest asked. To the question, LJ gave a simple answer.

“No,” she said, “because you’ve also got people who are working for humanity. At the minute it doesn't look very good…

“There’s a lot more good people on this planet than there is evil, we’ve just been told that it’s not the case in the media. The media plays a big part in this, frightening people.

“I would say there’s a lot more good people on this planet than there is evil and you’ve got to understand that this is a free-will world that we live in.”

LJ’s video has been viewed 19,000 times at the point of writing and while it remains to be seen whether her predictions hold true, people have been enjoying the content on in the comments section. “Bless, thank you for putting on free content in this challenging time,” one person said.

“Hi LJ! Your videos bring me a great deal of comfort and I always send you a loving vibe,” wrote another”.

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