Pub’s strict rules for ‘disgusting’ Americans watching World Cup matches

A pub in the North East of England has laid out its strict rules for "disgusting" American patrons who may take a bite out of English footballing glory.

Central Park in Newcastle has listed up its series of rules ahead of the World Cup clash between England and America, the first time the two teams have come together in competition since 2010.

From declaring the American patrons' language as "disgusting" to warning of being "swiftly escorted" from the premises for a rule break, the venue is taking no chances.

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The venue listed what appeared to be a joke setlist of rules for those appearing at the venue to celebrate the World Cup.

Nine rules await Americans attending the fan zone, with the first and most crucial rule of all being "If ANY of you start chanting the 'I believe that we will win' chant you will be swiftly escorted out of the bulding."

Rules come thick and fast, with the venue noting that "the word SOCCER is disgusting and we will not tolerate it" and warned that "a pint landing within your vicinity is not an act of aggression."

Their no-nonsense rules ahead of the big fixture noted a further rule for drinks, mocking Americans and stating they would "not add ice cream to your coke."

It comes as the venue notes a "customary 50% tip" on all orders, and outlines the need to belt out "both of our national anthems."

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Said anthems are not the classic God Save The King or Three Lions from The Lightning Seeds but a routine outing of Southgate You're the One.

Failure to join in with either the Atomic Kitten track or a brief "Harry Maguire! He drinks the vodka, he drinks the jager, his head's f*****g massive!" will be in breach of rule nine.

The venue added: "We in turn will respect your American customs by drinking Bud Light, eating Pizza, Burgers and Hot Dogs as well as singing your national anthem, which I believe is 'Party in the USA' by Miley Cyrus if you score."

They also noted that in the unlikely event of America scoring, patrons should celebrate "like the English do" with "a gentle nod and a light two-fingered clap of the hands whilst whispering 'good form old boy'."

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