Reddit users have hilarious responses to why UFOs don’t land on Earth

The question on everyone's minds when it comes to alien life is when they will visit – or if they already have?

Well, Reddit users seem to be pondering the question as to why they don't visit anymore – suggesting they already have.

One user asked the 'Aliens' subreddit: " Why don't UFOs land anymore?" and received over 100 responses.

Explaining the reason for their query, they said: " Growing up I remember hearing about classic abduction stories like Travis Walton and the movie Communion.

"Also there was the British Roswell incident in the 1980s and the magnificent story from South Africa where all the school kids saw a flying saucer beside their school in a field and one or 2 aliens and this made me wonder, how is all the good evidence riddled stories with eye witness accounts from so long ago?

"Has technology and camera phones scarred away our visitors from stopping off on our land? Plenty of videos of them flying but nothing of them crashed or on land. Has anyone any footage of them on land? Or does anyone think the same?"

Naturally, the crazy world of Reddit had some hysterical theories.

One user wrote: "Have you seen the way humans act these days? No wonder aliens don’t want to land. God forbid they end up in a TikTok video."

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Another said: "Have you seen the cost of fuel here on earth? Neptune is a third of the cost."

"They don't want to get covid," a third replied.

A fourth added: "They are having a hard time reaching air traffic controllers who are on Reddit."

A fifth suggested that alien life is waiting for an invite, as they suggested: "I was thinking about this earlier bear with me. Maybe it's because we haven't invited them too.

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"Maybe the sightings are them being playfully slow in opening our minds to ET contact. My proposal is we should have an annual landing party on 'first contact day' every year and invite them to say hello.

"What says I'm ready to meet you than a standing appointment just incase you arrive? It should also be a world holiday, and since the US has basically confirmed their existence this should be the next logical step in building friendly interstellar relations."

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