Reddit users slam parents who let child pose for poster of them eating dog poo

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Reddit users have been criticising the parents of a child who modelled in a 'don't eat dog poo' advert following a post on the popular social media site.

A photo of the poster was uploaded by Reddit user 'yungwhiteclaudia' sporting the caption: "Imagine growing up and finding out your parents allowed you to appear in an advert that depicted you eating dog s**t."

The image shows a child with dog poo across their face and hands with the warning 'to her it looks like chocolate, but one lick and she could lose her sight'.

Over 16,000 users have upvoted the post and hundreds continue to comment on the seemingly bizarre poster originally commissioned by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.

One user quite rudely remarked: "I have never met a child who was dumb enough to not recognise that anything that stinks like s**t is not food."

Another user said: "Deep down, I suppose I always knew the only time my hometown would appear on the front page of Reddit would be for a kid eating sh**e."

Hundreds of comments from confused and humoured users questioned the need for the 'shocking' poster.

One user wrote: "Surely to god the smell would be enough to put them off?"

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To which someone joked: "You would think so, yet plenty of people still have children."

Another said: "My daughter put sheep poo in her mouth when she was about 9 months old, I had to fish it out with my fingers, it was awful."

Many users commented on the fact that it was unfair of the parents to put their child in an advert like this one as it may 'cause her embarrassment' when she grows up.

But one user claims that it could have been out of the parent's hands.

"It is likely they did a photo shoot and were paid for the shoot of a lot of different generic shots," they said.

"Then the company who owned the photos sold the rights to the particular pose the child is in, that then lead it being photoshopped by the buyer who added the grass and dog mess.

"The parents probably thought an innocent baby shoot they got paid to be part of would equate to some cute photo for them and maybe a couple of children’s adverts that would look cute, having no idea their child would eventually be used to look like they were eating dog s**t."

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