‘Russian Popeye’ hides todger in toilet video with pants dropped to his ankles

An odd bloke billed as the “Russian Popeye” for his oil-injected arms has quite possibly shared his most bizarre video yet.

Kirill Tereshin’s latest offering on Instagram and YouTube sees him sitting on the bog with his trousers and pants around his ankles, shouting into a megaphone. He’s placed a logo over his todger.

In the absolutely bonkers video, he announces that he’s about to start a YouTube live stream. He then says he’ll take a taxi and offer people free food so they don’t use up their money.

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Kirill Tereshin isn't the only news to come out of Russia these days, for more head here

It’s far from the first strange thing this weirdo has done online. His various social media channels are full of him doing odd stuff, usually flexing his absurdly inflated muscles and trying to look cool.

One recent TikTok video saw him mocked mercilessly as he claimed to be God’s gift to women – but although his content makes a lot of people want to be sick in their mouth, he continues to amass hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of Likes as he goes viral.

Unsurprisingly, he gets lots of stick in the comments sections of his posts.

“Truly a sad situation,” says one user on a recent post, while another says: “Dude wtf is this?”

Other comments include “What are you doing? Like, seriously…”, “Get help” and “Needs a check-up from the neck up!”

He occasionally gets some praise from his followers, with comments congratulating him on his body and his look. But even then it’s not clear if they are genuine fans or just p***-takers.

The more usual reactions are comments such as “What kind of clown is this? Call an ambulance for him” and “Did he fall from an oak tree or from another place?”

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