Satanic cult member who ‘died’ in hospital ‘saw God in heaven wearing sandals’

A former Satanic cult member who died in hospital and felt her spirit leaving her body says she "saw God on his throne" in heaven.

Born into a sick cult, Cheryl Beck spoke of what she saw in the afterlife after she felt her spirit leaving her body.

She found herself in hospital during a period of ill health and became "very aware" that she was having no pain, was not breathing and that her heart had stopped during a heart attack.

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She said her "spirit person popped out the middle" and, rather nonchalantly, said: "Wow, I'm dead."

Describing how she started having an out-of-body experience, Cheryl claimed to see people "going crazy" and making "Code Blue calls".

It was after her death that she said she received a glimpse of nirvana and also saw her dead son, Samuel, as well as a "heavenly blue portal" and a glimpse of God.

Speaking to Randy Kay, she said: "As I looked up, my son was standing in front of me. We were enveloped in a globe of bright, white light, encased together. There was no pain for the first time in my life.

"I know God let me flatline and die to be with my son, because it healed all that guilt."

Her meeting with Samuel soon supposedly led to an experience with the almighty man himself, seeing a glimpse of God through a blue portal.

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"I looked over to the right and a portal is opening up in the distance, like a blue window. I see God on his throne. The only thing I can see is from his shins down. He's wearing sandals," Cheryl said.

Beyond some trendy footwear, the big man upstairs was surrounded by worshippers and singing people at his feet, with Cheryl describing colours equivalent to a "half-time" show at a sporting event.

She continued: "These colours were actually millions of people and their robes of worship, as they danced, were turning colours with the music.

"The people were as tall as the bottom of God's sandal, it was like a moving floor. A huge worshipping room of some kind."

Although Cheryl did not see Jesus Christ during her visit to Heaven, she did "feel his presence" before being thrown out and back to the land of the living.

Before departing the almighty presence, Cheryl claimed her son told her she had "a lot of work to do" down on Earth.

She continued: "I turned into a ball of light, and boom, I was back into my body. I didn't have to have CPR or the code routine, and I was in pain at that point. Then I felt the heart attack.

"Fortunately they didn't have to resuscitate me, but it was so healing, so good of God to let that happen."

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