Scorned woman hammers ‘FU’ into cheating boyfriend’s wall after finding messages

As the old adage goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

And Ashley Van Pevenage is proof that there's still truth to the saying.

She went viral after she filmed herself hammering an explicit message into the wall of her boyfriend's home in response to discovering he had been cheating on her for three months.

Ashley who posts on TikTok as @ashleyvanpevenage, explained how she had a gut feeling that her boyfriend had been unfaithful, so she checked his phone for evidence.

Her fears were quickly realised when she found out he had been messaging another woman for three months.

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But rather than immediately confronting him, she decided to wait until he had left for work to hammer a message into his wall and sign it off with spray paint.

In the video, which has gained more than 2.3million views, Ashley wrote: "I had a gut feeling my boyfriend was cheating on me.

"Before he left for work I went through his phone while he was taking a shower. I found that he had been talking to this girl for the past three months.

"When he got out I acted normal, kissed him bye and told him 'have a good day.' It took everything in me to not lose my $*** and confront him. Hopefully, this takes him three months to fix."

She rounded off the clip by showing the completed message that read: "FU [heart] your ex" and blew a kiss for the camera.

In the caption, she added: "Whoopsies."

TikTok users took to the comments divided over the clip as some users cheered for the woman getting her revenge but others warned people against it.

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One user said: "As you should girl."

Another added: "Girl this is petty….. but I love it. Good idea."

A third argued: "This is the dumbest sh*t you could have done."

A fourth commented: "Ladies, the best revenge is total silence and give him no closure! He will go crazy trying to call you."


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