Seagull swipes 18 bags of crisps and flapjack from Heron Foods store in heist

A daring seagull has scored themselves the heist of the decade after nabbing 18 bags of crisps and a bit of flapjack from Heron Foods.

The bird took on the chain store in a bit of bird on bird action, although the seagull made off with a huge bag of ready salted crisps without much of a fight.

CCTV from Heron Foods captured the bold bird on the prowl but not for worms, as he would rather have some crisps, of which the greedy gull managed to pick up quite the bargain.

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The North Yorkshire-based chain caught the feathered kleptomaniac chowing down on plenty of packets, with one staff member attempting to chase off the bird.

The heist mastermind has since been nicknamed Stephen, with the gull tucking into some ready salted crisps and chased out of the store by staff members Marie and Denise.

Staff at Heron Foods claim the seagull has been inside the store three days in a row, with manager Julie Scorer claiming the bird pops in "whenever he's peckish".

Julie, 53, said: "He'd been in twice already that day and done exactly the same, so he had three multipacks of crisps that day. When I do my stock take and see it's down, I know it'll be because of Stephen the seagull."

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She continued: "He's been in every day since, and cost us about £10 in stock so far. The following day we moved the stack of crisps to somewhere else in the shop, and he came in looking around, thinking, 'Where've they gone?'.

"So he went over to the Warburton's stand and walked out with a pack of bread buns. He got the flapjack today but he's not been in since, so he must be stuffed with that."

Julie then labelled the seagull a "little sod" and said that it was a "part time job just keeping an eye out for him," The Mirror reported.

The store manager appears to have taken a hard-line against stealthy Stephen, warning that she "may have to get a water pistol" to fend off his robberies.

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