SeaWorld trainer dragged to depths as he escapes terrifying killer whale attack
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    Former SeaWorld trainer Ken Peters had a brush with death after a watery horror show saw him face to face with a killer whale.

    When working at the controversial enclosure, Peters had found himself in a terrifying situation that nearly left him ravaged and killed by one of the park's 5,000-pound orcas.

    Thankfully, Peters survived the ordeal that took place 16 years ago to the day, where the whale trainer was grabbed by the enclosed Kasatka and dragged underneath the surface.

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    Kasatka, the killer whale that dragged him underneath, was seen pursuing the trainer out of the water soon after in horrifying footage that captured the encounter.

    Footage of the encounter is as chilling now as it was back when Peters found himself in the murky depths as the orca lashed out at him and dragged him under.

    Kasatka grabbed the foot of Peters and dragged him toward the bottom of the pool, with the instructor briefly breaking the water and managing to gulp down some air.

    He was dragged back down to the bottom of the pool a number of times before marking a daring and desperate escape.

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    Surprisingly, Peters made it out with just a broken foot after he slipped his limb from the jaws of the orca and swam back to his co-workers.

    They were on hand to pull him out of the water as Kasatka gained pace and pursued him, stopped somewhat by a string of buoys that separated the shallower end of the pool.

    Of the horrifying encounter, Peters said: "I could get killed in a car accident today, but I still get in a car. Even when I was down at the bottom of the pool, I thought she'd let me go."

    It was announced in 2017 that Kasatka had been put down following a battle with lung disease, LADBible reported.

    Former trainer John Hargrove blasted SeaWorld for the state Kasatka was allegedly left in, claiming the whale "lived out her days in a house of horrors".

    Footage of the horrifying attack first aired in the documentary Blackfish, which alleged a series of awful conditions for orcas trapped in captivity.

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