Send Us a Video With Your Question About Kids and Covid

When it comes to children and Covid, it can feel like there are more questions than answers. How will new variants affect them? How will they go back to school safely?

And on top of that, how will children who have had limited social contact handle the in-person classroom setting?

Apoorva Mandavilli, a science reporter for The Times, and Lisa Damour, a contributing writer and psychologist, will be answering your questions in a virtual event on Sept. 9.

Please record yourself asking your question, and make sure to mention your first name and what town you live in. Some other tips for your video:

Shoot horizontally, leaving room at the top of the frame.

Check your set up: Make sure that you are in a brightly lit area and in a place where we can hear you clearly.

Please keep your video under one minute.

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