Sickos’ weird fascination into where ‘Mr Hands’ died having sex with horse

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A writer who covered the death of a man whose final moments were having sex with a horse, says he is bombarded with weird requests.

Seattle-based Charles Mudede, 53, investigated engineer Kenneth Pinyan's fatal bestiality romp for an online article and later for a documentary.

Pinyan, who went by the nickname 'Mr Hands' among fellow zoophiles, suffered a deadly case of acute peritonitis in 2005 from penetration by a horse he imaginatively nicknamed 'Big D*ck'.

Charles told the Daily Star that he "came at the story as a person who was curious and looking for a really great story" but his coverage years ago evolved into something which shows no sign of going away.

After hearing about Pinyan's death, which was filmed by pals in a sick pornography video, Charles visited the idyllic Washington State town of Enumclaw to do some digging.

He said: "It was a bit of a surprise reading that there was a group of men regularly meeting to have sex with horses in Enumclaw and people were laughing about it. I found the ranch where it happened."

Charles conducted interviews for his piece for The Stranger and then even more so for the film Zoo, which clearly made an impact on viewers.

He said: "People still message me saying 'please where is this place?' But I ignore them, that's not my racket. I'm not a safari guy. I get a lot of attention from it."

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Charles admitted however that he did once do the honours for an international publication.

"I did do a guide for German newspaper but I went and found all the locations and wrote about them," he said.

"Somebody recently wanted to know where the ranch was but I didn't tell them because the ownership of the ranch has changed, and it's not fair to turn it into a tourist site for people to see where it actually happened."

When it came to turning the bestiality horror into a documentary, Charles and filmmaker Robinson Devor set about trying to get an investor to pump money into the production.

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They could not believe their luck when Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner Mark Cuban's HD Net stepped forward to offer funding.

Charles claims however that the deal was short-lived due to one clause neither he or Robinson were prepared to guarantee.

He said: "He was the the first person to come up and say I'll pay for this, let's make it but he had one request before he gave us money.

"He made us promise that we'd show the f***ing itself I was like I don't know. Trust a billionaire to demand that, to see it. I was like we can't promise that or give away creative control because that would guide the whole project.

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"It turned out we showed a little bit because we knew that the moment some how had come so we gave a quick glimpse but he pulled out his money and left the project and we had to go to another company, Think Films picked it up and provided funding for its funding."

The Daily Star approached Mr Cuban about the claim but received no response.

It was enough to put Charles off billionaires in a professional capacity.

"I always wonder what Elon Musk would have said to us if he came up with his money," Charles said. "The guy gives me the chills. I don't want to deal with billionaires anymore."

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