‘Snow White’, 51, arrested with 100,000 cockroaches in ‘faeces’ ridden home

A social worker nicknamed by her friends as "Snow White" over her supposed love for animals, has been arrested for keeping 100,000 cockroaches inside her home.

Karin Keyes, 51, is said to have also kept around 300 animals in "brutal" conditions – including 118 rabbits, 150 birds, seven tortoises, three snakes and 15 cats, among others.

Officials said on Tuesday ( October 18), that when rescuers stepped inside, they had to wear hazmat suits as they battled the "toxic" conditions.

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The smell was said to have been so bad, that it was advised not to stay inside for more than a few minutes due to the urine and faeces-covered floor.

The woman, who is a social worker, started to raise suspicions earlier this month when firefighters were called to the property in New York, where she also sees her patients.

Her clients are said to have set off the alarm, reports NBC New York.

According to WNBC, the social worker loved being around animals.

Her friend Danielle Ward said: "“(Keyes) found out a pet store was closing and went to rescue the animals because she didn’t want them to be homeless.

"When she found an animal was sick or needed a home, she went and took it under her wing."

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Suffolk County Prosecutor Jed Painter commented: "It is a terrible living environment that no animal or human should have to endure."

Prosecutors confirmed that all of the animals are expected to survive.

However, several animal specialist groups were called to help respond to the situation.

Keyes has charged with several counts of animal cruelty confinement and could be sent to jail if convicted.


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