South Korea reveals ‘UFO’ spotting was actually new form of high tech rocket

South Korea has revealed that their recent "UFO scare" was actually a new form of rocket that the country had been developing.

Social media blew up with excitement from various people claiming to have seen a soaring object with a rainbow-coloured vapour trail and mysterious lights attached to it.

Rumours of a suspected alien sighting were passed around, but it appears the military have crushed any chances of that being true and have since claimed ownership of the mysterious object.

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A rocket test appears to have been the actual display many saw shooting off into the sky, with the Defence Ministry claiming it was a new form of rocket.

Said form of rocket was a piece that would allow the space-based surveillance of beyond the stars, with the unannounced rocket a chance for the country to bolster its defences.

One Twitter user at the time said: "What is this? Is this a UFO? I'm scared."

As it turned out, it was not a UFO, but an eerie new rocket that took a twisty vapour up into the sky with it, causing a UFO-like sighting for many.

South Korean emergency officials are said to have received hundreds of reports from concerned citizens who were worried about the prospects of alien life on earth.

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No citizens were notified of the blast, causing a fair bit of panic online about the chances of alien lifeforms firing off into the skies, but the government's lack of comment comes as a preventive measure.

The launch, which was not announced to members of the public, was said to have been concealed for the purposes of security.

Witnesses had reported a suspicious flying object and mysterious lights across the country, with pandemonium coming from the launch, a follow-up to a previous launch in March.

South Korea's military, who offered an apology for the panic caused, had conducted its first-ever successful launch of a solid fuel rocket, Daily Mail reported.

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