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Brexit, Climate Change, Coronavirus…no wonder the news can get us all down from time to time. It might be nice to read something out of this world.

And if your mood needs pointing upwards, the Star’s here with the stories to help your imagination take flight.

From close encounters, mysterious sightings and fascinating insights from scientists – the Daily Star’s Spaced Out series is here to take your mind off the daily diet of doom and gloom.

We'll even mix in a few UFO-slanted celebrity interviews and profiles on the stars of sci-fi classic too.

We love exciting and thought-provoking space stories here at the the Daily Star – and we thought it was only fair that we shared some of the most interesting ones with you… and all for free!

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All served up with a healthy mixture of scepticism and excitement. Everything you need to know before that next closing-time debate about UFOs.

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