Starving woman consumes banana while wrapped in a massive plastic bag

A man has recorded the incredibly bizarre moment a woman was in a huge plastic bag eating a banana on a train in China.

The man, known as Wang, spotted a woman tucking into a scrumptious banana while wearing he massive plastic bag. Completely bemused, the commuter decided to record what was happening and the video quickly blew up.

The viral clip has split the public with some pointing out that eating on the train is illegal in China, as others have argued that she could suffer from low blood sugar.

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Wang told South China Morning Post (SCMP) : "There are sporadic coronavirus outbreaks across Wuhan. But in my opinion, it is a bit extreme for this woman to protect herself like this.”

But while the man filming had an issue with her behaviour, the woman's fellow passengers didn't. The one-minute video features a gentleman in blissful ignorance as he slept peacefully beside the ravenous lady, while another passenger scrolled through her phone.

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The controversial clip, which has amassed over 7000 views, has certainly split opinion.

One Douyin user took a particularly strong stance against her actions, claiming: “Anyone would despise her behaviour."

But others rose to her defence, with the argument that her actions may have been intended to provide some comic relief, which would explain the freakish size of the bag.

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Another user speculated that she wore the plastic bag in order to prevent herself from annoying the other travellers on the train.

Jimu News, a local news outlet, also came out of the woodwork to support the woman.

They said: "She has not brought any negative impact to others in the public space. The public should show more tolerance to this behaviour and let other passengers who act similarly feel the society’s warmth.”

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