Strange lights spotted in the sky at paranormal hotspot where giant UFO ‘landed’

Residents of a small town where a UFO was supposedly spotted in the 60s have spotted "a bright train in the sky that suddenly disappears."

Between December 1964 and mid January 1965 a 10-year old claimed to see a metallic ‘ship’ in the sky over Waynesboro, near Harrisonburg, Virginia, and a man said he spotted what he described as an “upside down spinning top toy” emitting a strange blue glow.

Now, the community is buzzing again after the glow lit up the sky on Friday night (September 1), according to local reports.

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However, despite the area's supposed alien heritage the ligths were probably from a Starlink satellite, which was supposed to be visible in the area at around 9pm that night, reports state.

Elon Musk, the creator and CEO of SpaceX which runs Starlink, even liked videos and pictures of people's reactions to his satellites on X, formerly Twitter.

And local media even stated that some frightened people, not knowing what the lights were from, even contacted police.

"They aren’t dangerous, and they aren’t anything to worry about. But if you’ve never seen them, they can be frightening," NBC 11 reported.

Starlink is planning to launch more satellites and plan to have 12,000 satellites in orbit around Earth. The company currently has 5,000.

Their purpose is to supply access to high-speed internet and to reach rural areas that don’t otherwise have internet access.

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A similar incident was reported earlier this year in nearby Keezletown.

Over 35 sightings of strange objects in the sky were reported in a four-month period in the mid sixties.

Local man Horace Burns claimed that he saw a 125ft wide flying saucer near Fisherville, about 30 miles south of Harrisonburg, on December 21, 1964.

An article dated February 1, 1965, from the Journal Herald newspaper in Dayton, Ohio said: "Almost daily Virginians are reporting UFO sightings, and some claim to see ‘Martians’ running around at night."

A quote from Augusta County Sheriff John Kent read: “This thing has gotten completely out of hand.”

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