Take a look inside ‘weirdest McDonald’s in the world’ from UFO to creepy castle

A man is on a mission to find 'the weirdest McDonald's in the world' by documenting all of the unusually themed golden arched stores across the globe.

Krieger, 28, started posting photos of the left-field McDonald's restaurants on Twitter around a year and a half ago.

His project, Nonstandard Mcdonald's, aims to celebrate the weird and wonderful themed restaurants that have popped up since the first McDonald's store opened back in 1955.

Everything from a UFO-shaped McDonald's in the UK, to the gothic cellar McDonald's in Poland – the fast food giant has really taken some of their store designs to the max.

Krieger is hoping to visit 12 "Nonstandard McDonald's" with a film crew to create a documentary about their stories, creation and why they are so appealing to the masses.

His documentary project is in no way affiliated with McDonald's and will be making it free to dodge legal trouble, NPR reports.

"I think if they were going to cease-and-desist me, they would've done it already," Krieger said.

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The Nonstandard McDonald's account skyrocketed in popularity, and currently sits at roughly 158,000 followers.

"Certainly seeing people reappreciate something that they had forgotten about feels fulfilling," Krieger says.

"It feels like I'm putting something that's an emotional net positive into the world with my online content."

The beloved account has a wide appeal and Krieger believes it is down to the universal love for McDonald's.

Krystine Batcho, a psychology professor at Le Moyne College, says people usually develop emotional attachments to places where they have experienced a sense of stability.

The consistency of the McDonald's food and brand brings comfort to many, she claims.

Krieger says he only remembers good things when he thinks about the golden arches – like eating with friends and family when he was younger and watching the Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald cartoon on video.

The fast food giant has not spoken on Krieger's project directly, but said the NPR company "has so much love for these unique and creative McDonald's locations around the world and the sense of nostalgia they bring."

Krieger doesn't believe anything big will come from his project apart from delivering some nostalgia to McDonald's fans, but is still happy with its contribution to the world.

"I'm having a good time," he says. "If I stop having a good time, I'll rein it in."

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