Tales from ‘UK’s roughest pubs’ where lions are flogged and dogs ‘sink pints’
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    Everybody has visited a pub and felt slightly on edge, perhaps getting some ominous glances from the regulars as you sit down for a pint, but only one boozer can be the UK's roughest.

    This week X (formerly Twitter) users have been busy debating which of the country's pubs deserves that title.

    A now-viral post on the social media platform asked users: "What’s the roughest pub you’ve ever been in and why?"

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    Brits were quick to chime in with their suggestions and stories from when they ventured inside a dodgy-looking establishment.

    Several people suggested the now-demolished Eagle & Child pub in Huyton, Merseyside.

    One person claimed they once saw a "fella walking around trying to sell a lion cub" there. And that isn't the only animal-related tale to come from the pub. The Liverpool Echo reported that some claimed there was a raffle for a monkey in the 1980s and even people betting on mice races.

    The Eagle & Child was eventually closed down after an arson attack. One X user even remembered "a bbq and fireworks party indoors".

    Another suggestion from Merseyside was The Peacock in Kirkby, as one X user claimed a punter was once accused of being an undercover police officer "cos he was reading a book". However, every TripAdvisor review rates The Peacock an excellent five stars, meaning it can't be that rough.

    It also isn't the only pub where X users said people were accused of being cops. One claimed it happened to them at the English Rose in Halewood "cos I had shirt, pants & shoes on".

    Another pub to receive multiple nominations was The Black Garter in Newcastle. One X user claimed they once saw "rosé wine in a pint glass" adding "[it] opens at 8am with a queue" (it actually opens at 9am).

    However, Google reviews suggest the pub's reputation might not be accurate. One five-star review from a month ago states: "Heard this pub had a reputation for being rough. Can't be further than the truth."

    A four-star review from three months ago says similarly: "It had such a reputation for being rough as a chip. It can't be further from the truth. The place is friendly, drinks are a good price. Staff friendly and happy. The entertainment was good. If your passing drop in."

    Nominations didn't just come from the north of the country. One X user said The Alderman in Romford was their old local. They explained: "A bloke came round from the Good Pub Guide to rate it and someone pushed him over a wall."

    MyLondon reports The Alderman isn't actually as intimidating as it seems. The outlet even spoke to manager Sandy Wyatt about a regular with "special needs" who is given food and drink there. Sadly, the community boozer is soon set to close – and the council plans to build homes there.

    The Beehive Inn in Salford has already been demolished, and it isn't hard to see why it closed. An X user said they once popped in because "it looked like a nice little boozer" but compared the scene to The Hills Have Eyes.

    After necking their pint and making a swift exit they Googled the pub and found a Manchester Evening News report describing how balaclava-clad men burst into The Beehive Inn carrying a shotgun and machete in 2017.

    The now-closed Shipwrights Arms in Chatham was another suggestion as an X user wrote: "Ashtrays out, dogs drinking pints and attacking anyone who isn’t a local some gaff."

    They even shared a picture of a dog with its pint.

    Another X user brought up yet another animal-in-pub incident at The Sir Henry Newbolt in Bilston, West Midlands. "Not my video but someone brought a horse in there a few years back," they said.

    Pub regular Kerry Ashfield captured the footage in 2018 and told BirminghamLive at the time: "I drink in the pub often, no one could believe it when the man brought his horse in.

    "It's not something you see happen every day. It could only happen in Bilston."

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