Teledildonic orgies with 32k people online are ‘future of human sexuality’

At the end of May, teledildonics experts Lovense hosted an online orgy that connected over 30,000 sex toy users together in a worldwide festival of sex tech.

Dan Liu, Lovense’s CEO, told the Daily Star he’s sure that the event points the way to the future of human sexuality. In the future, he believes, many more people will be using "sex toys that can interact with other high-tech devices, platforms, services, and games".

He explained that along with the 32,000 sex toy users, at least another 8,000 people logged on via Twitter to "trigger the toys of thousands of other people around the world".

So in total, he says proudly, this year’s annual Lovense Orgy boasted some 40,000 participants.

To take part, Lovense toy owners needed to pair their toy to the Lovense app and then join the orgy by pressing a button. After that, they could feel the vibrations synchronously with the other participants of the orgy in real-time.

The vibration patterns were chosen by hashtags – two official ones for the built-in patterns in the devices and a further fifteen custom vibrations.

"£lovense activated the firework pattern, and £lovenseorgy activated the earthquake pattern," Dan said.

He added that some of the company’s fans and friends created their own vibration patterns that were linked to their name hashtags.

“For example, the online magazine Future Of Sex created a pattern inspired by the imperishable song Mr. Roboto by Styx, which could be activated by tweeting £futureofsexforlovense," he said.

Some of the hashtags were trending across the USA on May 22.

Dan said as well as a noticeable boost in sales before the event, the company had received "a lot of positive feedback, comments, and funny memes".

It’s the best of both worlds, he said, adding: "It is an exciting experience that allows people to feel themselves as part of a huge, international sex party.

"At the same time they are completely safe in their own homes and able to turn off the toy at any time and do other things, then come back and experience sensations with thousands of virtual partners again. It's a new but super cool experience and people definitely like it."

This year’s event is the third in the series. Partly because people were stuck at home because of lockdown and were looking for new ways to break the monotony, it was the biggest Lovense Orgy yet, but Dan says that people are already looking for more.

"So far, we have held them annually in April or May. A few days after the event we asked our Twitter followers how often they would like to have an orgy, and the most popular response was once a month," he said.

"This is of course too often," he said, but adds that there are internal discussion going on about making the orgy twice a year, or staging "special themed orgies such as one for Christmas or Valentine's Day".

He says that while interest in teledildonics has been steadily growing over the past few years, the pandemic has given huge boost to the idea of connecting sexually with a partner over the internet.

"Sex tech is getting deeper into people's daily lives," he said.

Soon, he predicts, "having a smart sex toy will become as common as owning a smartphone and a fitness tracker".

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