Tesla passengers spooked as car ‘detects ghost’ while driving through graveyard

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A TikToker claims to have captured footage of a ghost while driving through a cemetery at night when their Tesla alerted them to the spook.

The alert function usually pops up when a person is nearby to ensure the driver avoids them – but in this case, there was no one there. There was, however, a tombstone.

In footage shared by @nojumper, the driver can be heard screaming "I told you" as the alert pops up – convinced it is a ghost.

A second person replies: "Fine, I believe you!"

And another person in the car yells: "Your Tesla sees dead people!"

But sceptics took to the comments section claiming they thought that the Tesla was simply picking up the tall tombstones as "people."

One person wrote: "Anyone who owns Teslas knows it is just detecting the taller tombstones.

"It does this all the time with trash cans and human-sized objects."

But some believed what they were seeing, with one saying: "Somethings you just do not do if you want peace in your life."

A third even claimed to have seen "an orb" when the car drove by "the ghost".

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The incident this week is not the only time Tesla cars have reportedly picked up a ghost.

In another clip from July, a driver has a camera pointed at the interior dash screen that detects and displays objects that the car could potentially collide with when on autopilot.

The system seemingly detects several human shapes as well as a dog, all of which were not visible to the driver.

One commenter on the video said Elon Musk has “worked on Tesla’s [sic]” and muses that because the sensors are “super strong,” the car is actually “detecting a human anatomy from 6ft under.”

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