Texas fishermen in danger as aggressive alligators ‘attacking boats randomly’

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Fishermen in Texas are being warned to beware of aggressive alligators who have begun to attack marine crafts suddenly and violently.

For the first time ever the river monsters are beginning to attack "without cause".

Two boats have been attacked in recent weeks and as a result one alligator has been trapped and wardens remain vigilant at a waterway in Sugar Land, Texas.

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Dee Connors, president of the Greater Houston Rowing Club, said that it all started when an elderly rower accidentally hit a nearby gator with an oar.

It seemed the alligator wanted revenge, as Dee told KHOU: "On the second day, the alligator chomped the end of his boat and his boat started sinking, but he made it to shore."

She went on to add details of a second attack as she said: "Another one of the rowers was just rowing out behind me and another one of the alligators chomped the end of his boat, he didn’t get it as hard as the first one so he was able to row it to shore."

Dee explained that the attacks are rare.

She said that there hadn't been an alligator attack in the 20 years that she has been rowing on the waters along Oyster Creek – which is bordered by homes along many stretches.

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Authorities have estimated that up to 500,000 gators live in the state of Texas as the swampy conditions in the southeast make the perfect home for the animals.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Warner, alligator programme leader for Texas Parks and Wildlife, defended the actions of the reptiles.

He told The Independent that the attacks were probably "mistakes" made when the alligators were trying to find food.

Jonathan said: “The boats that were bitten, it seems that the gators bit them and immediately released the boat.

"This time of year, we’re going into fall, we’re at the end of the warmer months; mating season and nesting season is over – and so most alligator movement is related to feeding behaviour, this time of year, as we go into winter months and they’re bulking up."

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He says he believes the gators "thought this was a prey item, took a chance, did it and realised, this isn’t food."

The programme leader added: "The situation is under control; we are monitoring it.

"We’ve already removed one alligator from there. There’s signage up warning people."

Jonathan went on to explain that the attacks on boats are "very random" but he still isn't shocked given the time of year and urges cautious behaviour near any alligator habitats.


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