‘Three masked hitmen attacked me with axes and guns – and they saved my life’

A burly gangland enforcer who claims to have a “gift for knocking people out” said the moment three masked men came after him with guns, axes and a baseball bat was just the wake-up call he needed.

“I upset some big people,” Dom Negus wryly said. "We don’t know who did it, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Dom was just getting changed after a gym session, he told podcaster Dodge Woodall, when he heard some shouting. He says he thought it was some of his mates mucking about, until he realised someone was pointing a gun at him.

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He squared up to the masked man and shouted “what are you going to do?” before another of the hitmen whacked him over the head with an axe. There were three attacks in all – one with a baseball bat, one with an axe and the man with the gun.

“All I can say is I deserved it, but not for what people think it was about, “ Dom said.

"You can’t live the life I was leading and get away with it.”

The three attackers “did their job,” Dom said. “They made me realise that it wasn’t the life for me.

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“You can’t expect to do what I was doing, and not expect to get my a*** smacked.

"Every day, I’d go to the local nightclub. Didn’t pay, if people played up I’d knock them out. If the doorman came up to me what would I do? Knock ‘em out.”

Dom said he was gifted with the “get out of jail power” to end any fight with a knockout punch. “But I just became a pain in people’s a**es,” he admitted. “I took liberties.”

He said that he “deserved” the brutal beating that he received in the gym that day.

“In some ways I’m quite lucky,” he said.

“I'm grateful for those three fellas, because if they wanted to they could have done worse. I'm very grateful that I didn't get hurt as much as could have hurt me.

“I know if that was me with a gun and a bat an axe would have done a f*****g lot more than what they did to me.”

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