TikToker finds ‘mermaid skeleton’ washed up on the beach in eerie footage

A Tiktoker claims to have found a real mermaid skeleton as he posted footage of himself scooping it up from a rock pool.

The creator known as @jjjmc12 posted two videos of his eerie discovery on Sunday night and has since received over two million likes and 48k comments across both posts.

In the videos, the bloke can be seen pulling out what appears to be skeletal remains of a mermaid from a tangle of seaweed before throwing it back in.

The lad can be heard shouting to his mum in the background of the first video saying: "Oh my god, what the hell is that."

"Ma, do you see this?" he added.

His mother can also be heard questioning it before he threw it away, and they aren't the only ones wondering what it could be.

The comment section was overloaded with people responding to the video to say it's a baby mermaid – with some even suggesting mermaids are pro-choice and have abortions too.

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"It's a baby mermaid if you're asking me," one commenter wrote.

Another said: "So mermaids abort their babies too, huh?"

Another commenter even suggested that it could be linked to black magic if they found it near the Caribbean sea.

They said: "If you're near the Caribbean seas, I don't think you should touch that. It could be linked to hella dark magic, just so you know."

Other's stayed on the more logical side, with one commenter saying: "Ocean levels are literally rising so people already said beware of potential creatures that haven't even been discovered wiping up of being visible."

"Nice, I saw that in a Halloween store," another added.

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