Time traveller claims humans will meet ‘universe’s most powerful aliens’ in 2026

A TikTok user who claims to be a time traveller from the year 2026 has revealed that humans will make contact with a powerful alien species in four years' time.

The user, known as @thatonetimetraveller, claims the race referred to as the 'Unknowns' will be able to introduce humans to new, more advanced technology.

They also believed that the aliens have knowledge of the universe beyond our comprehension and they will try to help us understand.

In the clip, which has gained over 6,200 views, they said: "In 2026, humans encounter one of the most powerful alien life forms in the universe.

"The aliens are known as the 'Unknowns' and almost everything about the universe, deciding to help the humans.

"The aliens show humans new advanced technology and other useful things to change human lives forever."

TikTok fans seemed excited by the revelation and can't wait to see what happens when humans make first contact.

One user commented: "I can't wait that long."

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Another said: "Ok 4 more years to come."

A third added: "I've started to believe you so I've given you a follow."

However, others remained sceptical on the subject, as one user argued: "If you're real, then tell me when I'll get a gf."

Another added: "Nothing you've said has become true."

A third wrote: "I'm not gonna ask if this is real or not, imagining the possibilities is still fascinating."

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The news comes after a TikToker claimed to have 'leaked' information from a self-proclaimed time traveller has issued a chilling warning for apocalyptic events that are set to begin this summer.

Kawhi Leonard, also known as 'thehiddengod1', claims in his video that the ground across the US will split just months before a deadly new species are discovered and millions of people are declared missing.

The terrifying prophecies are said to take place on specific dates between July and October, which TikTok users have been urged to remember.

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