‘Time-traveller’ claims New York will be bombed by rogue Chinese Airforce pilot

A self-proclaimed time-traveller "from the year 2104" has claimed the US will face an unforeseen attack by a Chinese Airforce pilot in just 27 years.

The TikTok user – named Matthew Smith, like the Doctor Who actor, and also goes by the username @pasttimetraveller – claims to be visiting 2022 from more than 80 years into the future.

Among other self-professed time-travellers on the app, Matthew has made a number of alarming claims about the future of the human race – including his recent prediction of a New York City bombing.

The video shows an image of the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by a fiery scene that looks like a post-apocalyptic world – but it's not that far ahead.

In the video, he claims: "Here is proof that I am a time-traveller from the year 2104. This is a photo from a person in a fallout shelter from the year 2049.

"It shows New York City being bombed with two tonnes of trinitrotoluene (TNT) from a stolen Chinese plane.

"A member of China's Air Force disobeyed orders and stole a powerful aircraft and bombed NYC."

The video which he claimed he "might be forced to take down" was bombarded by non-believers who branded him the 'kind of cap' – which is a slang word used by rappers meaning lies.

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One user said: "This guy is the king of cap."

Another said: "He’s trying to scare kids."

A third added: "If you were a real time-traveller you wouldn't post TikToks."

However, others insisted it could be true as one user said: "Try or not, we don’t know…. But we can listen, not is impossible. Look at the Indian kid on YouTube, he was trying to warn us about Covid."

Another added: "If that’s real then goddamn, China did New York dirty."

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Tensions have been rising between the US and China over Taiwan territory.

In November, a stark warning was issued in The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper that is seen as the voice of China’s leadership, warns that an attack on Taiwan could come “at any time,” and that US troops would be the first target.

While an uneasy peace has prevailed for the past 70 years, the news website claims invasion is becoming an "increasingly realistic option".

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