‘Time traveller from 2027’ shares video where he is ‘last person alive on Earth’

A TikTok user has filmed himself walking down empty streets and sensationally claimed he is showing footage from the year 2027 where he is "the last human left alive ".

Despite how bonkers the idea may seem, the video has been watched more than 60,000 times and the poster Javier @unicosobreviviente now has 6 million followers eagerly waiting for updates on his unusual "situation".

In the video, which he calls "day 219 alone in the world", he walks down an empty street in Spain where parked cars line the side of the road.

He then strolls through a deserted children's playground and past some apartments without another human in sight.

In many of his clips, Javier claims to be a "time traveller" from just six years in the future and while many people seem to believe him, others have pointed out discrepancies in some of the footage.

One user said they saw boats leaving trails in the ocean in the background of one of the videos and someone else noted the empty shops and restaurants he visited – including McDonald's and Lush cosmetics – appeared to be clean and free of dust.

But many people were convinced the TikToker really was a time traveller from the future who was somehow sharing videos with people living now in 2021.

One user said: "Can you leave Spain? Awesome video stay safe."

A second impressed fan said: "Go to like five or 10 apartments in a row or something I'm starting to think you are legit my boy."

On the flip side, a more sceptical viewer said: "I dare you to go to a hospital in the centre."

Someone else said: "I believe this kind of thing is possible but with editing and all these days and people out for clout I'm not buying this at all."

This comes after another so-called "time traveller" told people 7ft aliens will land on Earth and start a massive war.

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