‘Time traveller’ texting on mobile phone in 1940s photo sparks massive debate

A beach photo from the 1940s has netizens convinced time travel is possible.

One man, standing in a brown suit, stood out to people because he appeared to be using a smartphone.

As a result, the anachronistic man has been nicknamed the “texting time traveler” online.

While some see this as clear evidence of time travel, others have dismissed the claim as “ridiculous”.

Sceptics say that it isn’t a smartphone in the man’s hand, but a cigarette and lighter.

One person commented: “I think that chap is rolling a cigarette!”

Other photos and videos have sparked similar debate in the past, such as a video from 1938 claiming to have finally captured proof of time travel.

In the video, a woman can be seen holding something to her ear as she walks toward the camera.

Some tried to claim that the woman was talking on a mobile phone.

She was seen chatting while walking through a large crowd and appeared to lower the device before the clip ended.

A YouTuber later claimed that the woman in the video was their great-grandmother and that she was indeed using a mobile phone.

YouTuber user Planetcheck claimed that the device in the video was an experimental wireless phone made by Dupont in Leominster, Massachusetts.

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