Tory MP goes to fancy dress party as punk hero but people thinks he’s sick paedo

A top Tory MP has caused outrage by dressing up as a punk rock hero . . . just not the one he intended.

Ben Bradley, the Conservative MP for Mansfield, took to social media site Twitter/X to post a photo of himself in fancy dress for a 40th birthday party he was going to. And while the 34-year-old had good intentions with his outfit – which was meant to be that of punk rock legend and Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, users were quick to point out that he looks like someone entirely different who is currently in prison.

Bradley was dressed in a tight black short-sleeved shirt, red tie, black spiked hair, skinny jeans and fake tattoos. The outfit is known for being worn by Armstrong, but it was also the same outfit worn by Lostprophets Welsh singer Ian Watkins . . . a convicted child sex offender.

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The disgraced rock star is serving a 29-year sentence for multiple sex offences, including crimes against young children and babies, at HMP Wakefield prison. Twitter/X users were very quick to point out the the outfit might not have been such a sensible idea.

One wrote: “I initially thought Ian Watkins to be honest. Then I realised that it is probably the Green Day singer.” Another wrote: “Definitely the lead singer of Lostprophets.

A third added: “Really bad choice that, and not the best decision – Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins. Sick b*****d.” Unfortunately for Bradley, he was also compared to another disgraced singer, with many tweeting that he looked like a younger-looking Gary Glitter.

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Bradley, who is vying to become the new Mayor of East Midlands, as well as being an MP and a local councillor, took it all in his stride however, as he tweeted that the outfit was just him “dressing as my 15-year-old self”. Although he did snap back at one person who called him a “child” and told him to “have a word with yourself”.

He wrote: “Ah yea, all the other 100 people there are all 'children' too then I guess, seeing as they like having a laugh at a birthday party on a Saturday night. Awful people. Get a life Dave!”

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