Translated UFO files from 2008 show Brazilian police saw ‘humanoid creatures’

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The document, detailing events of November 19, 2008, reveals the scope of the military investigation into the incident, including the sighting of “humanoid figures”. Several eyewitness accounts corroborated the evidence, including military officers and civilians who all saw an inexplicable phenomena in the skies above the city of Cláudio, located around 319km (198 miles) from Rio de Janeiro.

One woman, Ms Renata Veloso, alerted the police to an object which she saw descend from the skies “like a lightning bolt” just before a football game between Brazil and Portugal.

The reporting officer said: “I walked to the window and saw a huge luminous object (hexagon) accompanied by two other smaller spherical ones that rotated under its orbit.”

It added: “One of the smaller objects was silver and the other was red, like red hot iron (it changed colour).”

According to the witnesses, as the object approached the Paróquia Nossa Senhora Aparecida, a church located near the centre of the city, the street lights began going out block by block.

The officer mustered a small unit of troops who “began to scream in a situation of enthusiasm, despair, and surprise”.

The report continued to say that after some time the object began to “emit strong light” before moving upwards and out of sight.

On that day and the day after, the officers met and interviewed military personnel and civilians about the lights that flew over the city, some of whom reported seeing small “humanoid” beings.

The report states that the beings were chased through a cane field by a truck moving at a slow speed of around 12mph.

It continued to say that the beings escaped as they were able to “slip through the reeds.”

Another witness reported seeing objects flying at “an incalculable speed” as if there were “no limits to physics”.

They added that the objects flew without noise and at high speed and even seemed to disappear and appear in another location.

The officer said that the most convincing experience took place on November 20, as they claimed to have seen “two luminous beings, about three feet tall, gliding through the reeds.”

The report said: “We were in the Mitsubishi pickup truck traveling on a side road, when Sgt William saw something in the woods he turned vehicle 13533 towards the ‘luminous beings’, when we approached (50 or 65 ft), they began to slide through the reeds.

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“It was noticeable that those things ‘walked’ without touching the ground.

“We didn’t see feet or fingers, but we saw arms, legs and oval head, and although they were luminous, they didn’t illuminate.

“The humanoids were very bright, we didn’t see eyes, and they didn’t show up on the camera.”

He added: “Sgt Waldir Araújo Silva tried everything to photograph those ‘beings’ but they didn’t appear, even with the lens zoom, only the fireflies appeared.”

The document was recently obtained by two Brazilian researchers, Edison Boaventura and Paulo Werner, and was translated by an unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) researcher named Rony Vernet.

The translated report is now public on Twitter and is supported by statements from around 10 responding officers – however, the “humanoid” beings have not been conclusively identified.

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