Triangle UFOs ‘from parallel universe’ and have own intelligence says expert

A British man who worked for many years as an aircraft designer says he has seen UFOs over the UK that he believes could be piloted by creatures from another dimension.

Colin Saunders had his own encounter with a triangular UFO “about the size of a house “ in 1999, and the experience changed his life. First he saw its lights, and then the mystery craft “de-cloaked” in front of him.

The fact that the mystery craft seem to have some type of invisibility technology raises the possibility that the unexplained black triangles are hovering unseen above us more often than we think.

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“I believe they can be flying around the globe totally invisible to us right at this moment,” Colin told the Daily Star.

While Colin’s new book 'Triangular UFOs of the United Kingdom' focuses specifically on wedge-shaped phenomena, he says that other unexplained objects seen in our skies could be representatives from different alien races.

He said: “I think Triangles, Saucers, Cigars and Tic-Tac [UFOs] are all the same or similar phenomena,” Colin said, adding “I'm sure they must be aware of each other.

“Whether different species fly different craft I do not know but small grey aliens seem to feature in many sightings of different craft.

“But,” he added, “they may just be biological robots”.

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Colin’s experience has led to a deep fascination with these strange phenomena and their possible explanation, and he has interviewed dozens of people about their own experiences with them.

He’s unconvinced by suggestions that the flying objects seen in the skies over Europe could be experimental stealth aircraft.

“I have worked in the aircraft industry as a designer and I have never witnessed anything like this before,” he says.

He points out that he has researched well over a hundred sightings of these craft and they all appear to be very different from each other.

Colin added: “It’s wouldn’t make sense to build a black budget craft and keep changing the design on each one.

“Plus would the military fly around sometimes over rooftops with a secret aircraft? I think they would probably test in Area 51 rather than the UK countryside."

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He does concede, though, that some modern military aircraft, such as the USAF’s iconic B2 Spirit stealth bomber, could be in part based on reverse-engineered alien technology.

And, whatever they are, they aren’t simple optical illusions either. For his book, Colin interviewed a few UFO contactees who had actually touched one of the ships:

One of them, Charles Bee describes how the “huge” object blotted out the stars as it glided silently above him.

As he stood transfixed on a hill, the craft came within a “few feet of him,” he said, and he could see black channels etched into its underside, which he speculates may have been some sort of “docking mechanism”.

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It seemed to be made of a slate or graphite material,” Charles recalled. “Very dark-grey and a smooth matt texture. I could feel the presence in my whole body and a dental implant was vibrating in my mouth.

“I could see the channels covered the underside of the craft: they are probably six feet across and of a similar depth.

“I raised my hand and touched part of the craft’s body between the channels. I was terrified and even thought it could harm me but did it anyway. I brushed my fingers over it and then put my entire palm on it. It felt like a hard, kitchen worktop with a matte finish, but it was not cold”.

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Despite the UFO phenomenon being taken increasingly seriously by the US military, there’s still no definitive explanation for what people across the world are experiencing.

“My own feeling is that these craft are inter-dimensional,” says Colin. “Like a parallel world running alongside our own."

They are crewed by beings from this other universe, Colin claims, but may also have some intelligence of their own.

He added: “I believe the majority of the larger craft will be manned but one suspects the smaller tic tac types may well be remotely controlled.

“I have to say ‘our’ craft looked like it was alive even though it was clearly manufactured, perhaps having an intelligence of its own”.

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