Twitch streamer finds indent on his skull from wearing headphones for hours

An avid gamer was left stunned after he discovered he had an indent in his head from wearing headphones for hours.

Twitch streamer Curtoss was shaving his head for charity during a livestream when he ran the sheers over the area where his headphones sit and discovered an indent.

His jaw dropped as he revealed the headband-shaped dent to the camera – which is believed to have been caused by wearing his pair too long.

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In a clip from the stream, Curtoss said: "Dude, the shaver's working like a champ. I'm looking at an indent here; this is where my headphones go.

"I have a f**king headphone indent in my head. What the f**k. I thought that was just my hair; I thought just my hair did that."

Viewers were left stunned after seeing the indent and took to the comments claiming they fear the same will happen to them.

One user said: "New fear unlocked, Brb checking my head."

Another commented: "Bruh I legit touched my head for half an hour after seeing this."

A third added: "That’s why I can’t shave my hair lmfao."

A fourth wrote: "When I get one of these does it mean I've made it."

On Twitter, Curtoss wrote: "Please tell me it will go away if I stop wearing the headset."

The indent on the gamer's head resembles marks left on the face after people remove their glasses and isn't permanent like a birth defect or bone tumour.

They can be easily fixed with a hot shower or a massage on the area.

It comes after streamer Amouranth has promised fans an AI version of herself to "satisfy their needs".

The stunning Twitch and OnlyFans star has reportedly already signed off on the artificial companion, simply named AI Amouranth, which mimics her voice and mannerisms to give fans the feel of a one-on-one conversation.

Amouranth is best known for her regular X-rated streams, so she appears to be under no illusions that her fans will use the new technology just for innocent chit-chat – and she hopes the AI vocals will give her fans an "all-encompassing" experience.

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