Twitter bemused by raunchy video of pair ‘s****ing on a paddleboard’ at beach

A raunchy pair has been spotted off the coast of a beach in an act of passion on top of a paddleboard.

The brazen act was posted to Twitter and has since gone viral, with some users praising the pair for their excellent balance.

Some were even impressed with the zoom capability of the camera which caught the couple a fair distance away from the shoreline.

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One said he was shocked to see people "s****ing on a paddleboard," while another joked: "Nee way he stays up for that long."

Another asked: "who the f*ck gets that horny?"

One commented: "I'm more impressed with the balancing there, exemplary."

There was similar praise for the quality of the zoom on the phone, which one user joked was on an equivalent quality to the "hubble telescope" while another asked: "On a serious note, what phone's this? Camera is insane ha ha."

One wrote: "With the crowd, the effort, the balancing required, if that guy can maintain a full chub, he deserved a round of applause when they come back to the beach".

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Another joked: "Hats off to the lad on the paddle board, I tried it once and couldn't even stand up."

But bizarrely for one user, it wasn't the brazen couple, the balance or even the zoom of the camera that stunned him, but the belief that the man caught in the act was wearing socks.

Several users questioned why the man had been wearing socks, and a few others asked if the man could have actually been resuscitating a seal rather than performing a sexualised balancing act off of the coast.

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