UFO hunter spots ‘transparent flying boat’ gliding through clouds in night sky

An alien hunter has filmed a "transparent flying boat" gliding through clouds in the night sky.

The bemused man, who lives in Taiwan, shared the footage to UFO enthusiast Scott C Waring, who devised conspiracy theories linked to aliens as he claimed the craft was "bigger than the size of an airplane".

Sharing on his YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily, the mysterious flying object appears in the sky and is seen moving towards the right of the screen.

The UFO moves at a steady speed in linear motion and passes through clouds at thousands of feet above ground.

The man gets the shock of his life when he zooms in to find the "boat-shaped" craft moving before it disappears into thin air.

He said the video was taken on Friday, May 28, at around 11pm.

He told Scott: "There are really flying saucers! I just moved a chair on the top floor of my house.

"I was looking at the night scene by the way. After a while, I saw something flying on the other side of the cloud, slightly transparent, it was a flying boat! Not an airplane!

"It's a flying boat. It's very similar to what appeared in the movie! Bigger than an airplane!"

Scott commented that he believed the UFO is a "single object" and called it "a strange and odd sighting".

Viewers were fascinated when they watched the footage but some were not convinced.

One said: "If only that one could have been filmed with pro grade equipment!"

A man said the shape of the craft appeared to be a helicopter, rather than a boat.

A second suggested it could be just "a bunch of white balloons blown away by the wind".

Another believed it could be a mirage reflected from the city's night lights.

"The object corresponds to the reflection in the lens of the city buildings, the apparent movement is the movement of the cameraman in the shot," he explained.

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