UFO report ‘to be cover-up’ as officials fear public is ‘too stupid’ for truth

An upcoming US intelligence report on hundreds of unexplained UFO sightings will be a dud as officials hide the truth from the public, a top politician reckons.

Congressman Tim Burchett said those in charge of investigating the possibility of alien life think the public is “too stupid” to be made aware of extra-terrestrial entities.

The 22-page report looked set to be a bombshell in the world of UFOs with top officials in the American Defence team taking reports seriously in a bid to explain hundreds of sightings of beings from outside planet Earth.

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But Burchett isn’t so sure and told The Sun Online: "It's about power. Most people believe there's something else out there, they just don't believe the average person can handle it.

"What are they afraid of? The people in power are in denial… I would release every single last file."

He has previously weighed in on conspiracies surrounding the supposed alien crash site at Roswell, saying the American public “can handle” the truth and should be told.

The site, claimed to be the location of an alien crash in 1947, has been the subject of much focus from groups searching for evidence of life beyond Earth.

Officials with the US military at first claimed a “flying disk” had been found before later saying it was actually a “weather balloon”.

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But the politician reckons it was a cover-up by frightened officials who remain intent to not let the truth get out.

He added that the upcoming report would be a “rehash” of previous explanations as “the cover-up will continue.”

"Until someone on the inside comes out with a tape or a photo or something concrete and puts it on the internet, we won't know the truth," he explained.

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