‘UK’s Annabelle’ horror doll appears to raise hand inside hotel’s locked box

A creepy doll dubbed "UK's Annabelle" has left ghost hunters fascinated when eeire footage captured the doll "moving" inside a locked box.

The Grace doll was placed in a secured room at My Haunted Hotel right above Ye Olde King's Head pub in Chester, where brave tourists and paranormal enthusiasts come to witness spooky sightings.

Residing in Room Eight with a 24/7 surveillance camera, the hotel's paranormal investigator, Danny Moss, said it captusharered some unexplainable moments two weeks ago on Wednesday, April 19.

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The night-vision footage shows the empty room with a cross glowing in red on one wall and a box in the middle of the room.

On top the box, there's chains wrapped around to stop tourists from opening the box.

At some point, the doll appears to move her head and left hand.

Danny analysed the fotoage and told Cheshire Live: "I’ve been investigating the item for the last five years and I’ve seen it produce some of the best evidence in the paranormal field but to now capture it moving on camera is a special moment.

"There will always be scepticism when it comes to the paranormal and, rightly so, but when you capture something like this, people have to come to terms with the possibility that there really are things out there that we cannot understand.

"The way the item moves defies gravity and that’s what makes this footage so compelling.

"It’s important to note that the room is locked and the public do not have access upstairs during the day."

Danny previously made national headlines when he shared his first-hand experience with an entity in Room Eight.

His device picked up a word "burn" and when he asked "what do you want to burn?", it replied saying "your eyes".

Pub and hotel owner Harry Achilleos added: "When the Grace Doll was first brought into the building it came with many stories as well as video evidence from over the last few years but I had to see it for myself.

"I’ve now seen what this thing can do and I’m astonished!

"Having the Grace Doll in the building permanently is both exciting and daunting at the same time."


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