Unsuspecting village on the edge of the Peak District is a UFO HOTSPOT

The unsuspecting village on the edge of the Peak District that’s a ‘UFO HOTSPOT’: Residents in Bonsall have reported mysterious silver shapes and green lights in the night sky – and even NASA is interested

  • Bonsall in the Derbyshire Dales has been dubbed the ‘UFO hotspot’ of the UK 
  • Several sightings have taken place – from ‘silver shapes’ to lights turning green
  • Even NASA reportedly took interest after one woman filmed her local encounter 

An unsuspecting village at the edge of the Peak District has been dubbed the ‘UFO hotspot’ of the UK.

At the surface, Bonsall is no different to other villages in Derbyshire, scattered with charming pubs and picturesque walking paths.

Yet the area has been central to numerous UFO sightings over the years, from spinning ‘silver shapes’ to green lights.

Some claim that even NASA has shown interest in the area, after one local spotter recorded a mysterious flying object in the night sky.

Since then, the village has been flooded with many visitors from far and wide on the lookout for Bonsall’s famous UFOs.

At the surface, Bonsall is no different to other villages in Derbyshire, scattered with charming pubs and picturesque walking paths 

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A resident of neighbouring hamlet Slaley claimed that their holiday let is located just footsteps away from where one of Bonsall’s most famous UFO sightings took place.

This reportedly occurred in 2001 when local Sharon Rowlands accidentally filmed a house-sized ‘disc with coloured lights round it’ in the sky.

Asking to remain anonymous, the let owner told MailOnline: ‘A lot of people are quite interested and want to talk about the village. We’ve got a holiday let and a lot of the guests are quite interested. 

‘We’ve got a hot tub where you can look out at the sky and gives quite a good view down the valley.

‘We certainly see things flying across at night, we’ve seen loads of satellites, we’ve seen comets – things like that.’ 

The let owner believes that Bonsall’s lack of light pollution is a key reason why so many people have seen strange things in the sky.

They continued: ‘I think it’s because the sky is so clear at night with no light pollution, you can see a lot more than you would do in a town or somewhere that’s more populated.

‘Other people have seen things over the years, I think Sharon’s is the most famous one. People from the village say they’ve seen things on the moors, but they become a bit cagey when you start to ask about it.’ 

Last month, Ms Rowlands shared her account of what happened with GBNews, claiming that the mysterious flying disc made no sound as it moved towards her.   

NASA reportedly took an interest in Bonsall after Sharon Rowlands filmed her UFO encounter (pictured) 

An unsuspecting village at the edge of the Peak District has been dubbed the ‘UFO hotspot’ of the UK

She said: ‘We’d been watching something in the sky for 10 minutes with the naked eye. And I decided to pick the video up, lean on the kitchen  doorway and film it.

‘As soon as we put the video on we saw a disc with coloured lights round it and while it was being watched with the naked eye it didn’t move.’ 

Ms Rowlands recalled that the object grew in size as it moved closer, alternating between a flat shape and a disc shape before eventually disappearing.

Following her experience, it is claimed that NASA watched the tape, with the object looking similar to something spotted during a 1996 space shuttle mission, according to Manchester Evening News.

However, Ms Rowlands claimed they could only confirm it was a ‘metallic’ object which had not been commercial or military aircraft.

MailOnline has approached NASA for comment but it is yet to confirm this. 

‘I don’t normally talk about it because people think you’re bonkers,’ she added. 

Ms Rowlands is among numerous others who claim to have seen mysterious flying objects in the area. 

Another Bonsall resident also told MailOnline that she had once seen ‘the edge of something with lights round it’ in the sky when just 10 years old during the mid ’70s.

Although her parents brushed it off as a typical nightmare, a visitor of their guesthouse reported seeing something similar the next morning.

Recalling her ‘frightening’ experience, the anonymous source said: ‘The guesthouse mum and dad ran was fully booked so the family was squashed into the attic. I was sleeping on a camp bed in the room next to mum and dad. 

‘I was woken up by a droning noise reverberating through the floor. There weren’t any curtains at the skylight that I was lying under. In the corner of the window I could see the curved edge of something huge and there were lights dancing around it. 

‘I described this to my parents as the moon breaking up. I started to cry and dad woke up with cramp, he reassured me it was just a bad dream.  

Several sightings have taken place in Bonsall and the surrounding area including mysterious ‘silver shapes’, lights turning green and ‘rotating beams of light’ moving upwards

‘Next morning at breakfast the guests were complaining about the traffic and lights from the road and said the garden looked as if it was floodlit. We lived at the end of a lane with no street lights and surrounded by countryside.’ 

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The authority to do this is built up an extensive collection of some 935 declassified CIA documents, gifted from UFO researcher Kinichi Arai, recounting stories of sightings from all over the world through the last century (pictured: alleged UFO sightings in Japan)

It is reported that around 20 UFOs have been spotted in the area since the 2000s.

The source added: ‘Because it was so long ago if there hadn’t been someone else to back me up I probably by now would doubt what I saw.’ 

Government reports show that UFOs have also been seen in the wider area of Matlock, with records stemming back to the late ’90s. 

Among the reports, many have drawn to ‘silver’ flying objects while others claim to have seen ‘rotating beams of light’.

One 1997 witness reports reads: ‘Two silver objects which formed the letter H. They were bright. They were moving slowly in a straight line.’

Another in 2005 says: ‘The witness said that there was a descending white light. Then rotating beams of light going upwards from the ground.’ 

Government UFO statistics have not been released since 2009 following advice that defence resources could be better utilised.

But information put forward by BonusInsider and UFO Identified suggests that 28 sightings took place in the East Midlands last year among 497 in the UK.

Just 90 minutes away from Bonsall, Greater Manchester experienced the most sightings across the UK at a total of 26 UFOs and UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena).

This compares to just four across the entirety of Northern Ireland in 2022 and nine sightings in the year prior. 

Aside from Northern Ireland, UFO sightings jumped up by 20 per cent between 2021 and last year in England, Wales and Scotland.

Starlink sightings have become a common occurrence since SpaceX has accelerated launches to meet its goal of 12,000 devices. One event was report just a few weeks before on May 5, when Seattle residents spotted strange lights streaking overhead

The wave in UFO reports comes after SpaceX launched more than 1,600 Starlink satellites into orbit around two years ago.

At the time, numerous videos and images of glowing lights were uploaded to Twitter, with many users wondering if they had seen something alien.

One person tweeted: ‘What was this line of star like objects in a line that just went overhead?’

Another added: ‘I swear I just saw a spacecraft over Seattle, it was one straight string of lights soaring slowly over the sky what is happening?’ 

These reports also come amid talk of ‘Chinese spy balloons’, with objects shot down by the American military following warnings that UAPs had entered US airspace.


Strange lights were reported by servicemen in the forest near RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge. 

The incident came to be known as ‘Britain’s Roswell’ after the UFO sightings in New Mexico. 

Soldiers investigated what the lights were, including Staff Sgt Jim Burroughs, Airman First Class Edward Cabansag and Airman First Class Larry Warren.  

The disputed sightings, over three nights between December 26-28, occurred when Britain and the West were on high alert during the Cold War.

Retired US Air Force officer Steve Longero broke a 36 year silence, in December 2016, to reveal he also saw something in the night sky.

Mr Longero said the UFOs looked like red and green fluorescent lights hovering over treetops.

He also dismissed one theory that the lights had been caused by a lighthouse. 

The incident became a topic of fascination in the UK after a group of servicemen went into Rendlesham Forest to investigate the mysterious lights and came out convinced they had seen seen an alien spacecraft.

The Suffolk sightings resurfaced claims from those living in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 when an unexpected crash was alleged to have been the remains of a spacecraft and alien bodies.

But this was rejected by the U.S. military following a close investigation into the wreckage.

The British Ministry of Defence has also dismissed the claims regarding Rendlesham.

It said there was no threat to national security and the UFOs were likely to be caused by a series of nocturnal lights.

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