Uri Geller vows to deflect Putin’s nukes with ‘mind power’ in barmy warning

Spoon bender Uri Geller has issued a strongly-worded warning to Vladimir Putin amid fears the Russian president will launch a nuclear strike on the West.

Geller, 75, has pledged to use 'mind power' to stop Putin's nukes, singling out nuclear bases on the western coast of Scotland as high on his list of potential targets to protect.

He added that his mind power protection does thankfully extend to "any other country" that the despotic Russian leader may be planning to launch nuclear warheads at, but he has also asked for the help of his Twitter followers.

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Geller called on "peace-loving people around the world" to join him in creating mind forcefields that would turn nuclear warheads back toward Russia.

The bizarre statement was posted online by Geller, with the magician blasting Russian officials with his "serious warning".

Geller's statement read: "If you resort to the use of Nuclear Weapons and decide to target Scotland – or any other country else in the world – your plans, and your missiles, will backfire on you!

"I will use every last molecule of my Mind Power to prevent you from launching a nuclear attack!"

His courageous call to mental arms appears to have inspired few likeminded individuals, despite a rallying cry for everyone to deploy a visualisation of a forcefield.

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The statement continued: "I want EVERYONE who is reading this to take just a few seconds to help me.

"Please stop what you are doing right now – and just take five seconds out of your day to visualise a radiant, energetic forcefield – like a dazzling, golden shield in the sky".

Geller says that combined mind power will "deflect and turn back any nuclear warheads that Putin attempts to deploy."

He also warned the Russian despot of "forces far, far greater than you can imagine that I am sure will intervene to prevent you from starting a nuclear war".

Geller added: "They are watching and waiting, and they will STOP you."

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