US government releasing UFO secrets ‘could lead to anarchy’, campaigner says

The disclosure of UFO secrets from the US government could lead to total anarchy, a campaigner has warned.

John Greenewald has published over 3million previously-classified government documents on his Black Vault website.

He has spent much of the last 30 years campaigning for the American government to release more secret information.

But John reckons certain documents relation to extraterrestrial visitors may be kept under wraps for good reason.

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He told Chris Lehto: “There’s fear by the powers that be of losing control, of people realising that these craft are powered by something that none of us can combat.

“We can't chase it, we can't catch it, we likely can't destroy it, which means that the United States of America who prides themselves on being number one of everything is not anymore.

“We went to the moon – big deal. These guys are going across solar systems”.

John compares the possible impact to the reaction that many people had to the Covid-19 lockdowns, saying: “Look at how people reacted, it wasn't good.

“I think that that you have to use that as a gauge on where society is right now, and how young the human race really is and how much farther we have to go.

“The majority of the planet probably couldn't handle it.”

The unrest such a release would cause has prevented governments from revealing what they know about extraterrestrial life, he suggested.

“That is the root of the concern, as dated as that argument sounds, I think that that really is at play,” John continued.

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John added that if the government admitted one cover-up, that would destroy the public’s faith in its leaders.

He explained: “I think beyond the fear about extraterrestrials, and not being alone and that whole thing, you're going have a wave of concern about what are world governments lying about as well?

“That's where that concern comes in. Because it's not all about aliens and finding out we're not alone in the cosmos that's only one aspect to it…

“If the government said ‘OK, for more than 50 …60 …70 years we have been lying to you throughout generations through different elected leaders, politicians so on – we’ve all been in on it.

“We have held this truth from you but OK we'll we'll admit now, you're not alone’.

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“The reaction from that already went over, but then it's you're gonna have a moment where you go ‘Wait a minute …what about all this other stuff that could be going on? what about the conspiracies about mind control?’

“We know MK Ultra was real but the government claimed all those experiments stopped – what if they didn’t?

“What if the directed energy weapon conspiracy theories are all true? What if chemtrail theories are all true?

“I mean the list goes on and on and on and whether true or not it doesn't matter. The idea then is planted into soc

“You're going to have anarchy, so there's a there's a domino effect thing I think that goes along with it. That's not just aliens, finding out we're not alone, but it's much bigger”.

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