US senator admits UFO whistleblower’s claims are ‘pretty close’ to briefings

A prominent US senator has admitted that an upstart UFO whistleblower’s claims are “pretty close” to the briefings he has received.

This week, former US intelligence officer David Grusch made major claims against the US government, alleging that it was hiding key information relating to extraterrestrial life.

He said that they had craft of non-human origin and claimed there had been malevolent contact.

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Grusch also went as far as to say that the government had recovered dead alien pilots from the spacecraft.

The Air Force veteran also said that dictator Benito Mussolini’s government in Italy came into contact with a spacecraft from another world, adding that the Vatican and the Five Eyes spying programme helped the US in procuring it.

Now, Senator Josh Hawley has said that Grusch’s claims aren’t as far-fetched as others might think.

The influential senator, who sits on several major committees in the US senate, including the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, said that he’s been briefed with information that seemingly confirms what Grusch has said.

He toldWired: “I’m not surprised, necessarily, by these latest allegations, because it sounds pretty close to what they kind of grudgingly admitted to us in the briefing…It’s not good. None of it’s good. I think we want to get to the bottom of this. I think it’s disturbing.”

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The senator’s comments came just after the leaker said that he was cautious to say that the US was specifically in contact with aliens, claiming they could be anything.

Grusch said: “I don’t want to necessarily denote origin.

“I don’t think we have all the data to say 'Oh, they’re coming from a certain location'.”

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He bizarrely went on to say that the aliens could even have been “hyper-dimensional” beings.

Grusch added: “We know there are extra dimensions due to high-energy particle collisions, etc., and there’s a theoretical framework to explain that.

“It could be that this is not necessarily extraterrestrial and actually that it’s coming from a higher-dimensional physical space that might be co-located right here,” he said.

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