Visitors slam ‘unnerving’ UK witchcraft village and vow never to return

A sleepy British village has been slammed as “unnerving” after a Twitter thread about places people would never revisit spiralled out of control.

The debate on Elon Musk's micro-blogging site was started by No Context Brits who simply asked for people to name a place that they would never return to.

While the usual suspects, such as London, Blackpool and oddly Benidorm, were on the list, several people mentioned one place that has a population of just 700 people.

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Boscastle is just a short walk from the Cornish coast, and has had people living there since 1080.

But since then, it is mainly known for having a Museum of Witchcraft, a pottery shop… and for being flooded twice in three years (2004 and 2007).

One visitor who vowed never to return tweeted: “It has to be #Boscastle in #Cornwall. Easily the most unnerving atmosphere I've ever felt.

“We spent the morning there and left as quickly as we could #wickerman.”

And another eloquently wrote: “I'm not saying it's tight knit but there's only so many times you can split the same genes.

“The people are about as welcoming as haemorrhoids on a roller-coaster.”

A third added: “ Boscastle does have a weird feel to it tbh. Not knocking it, just a bit eerie.”

But, as always happens on social media, some leapt to the defence of the tiny place, with some calling it “fantastic” while lauding the pubs and food available there.

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Another said it was “great”.

And a third tweeted: “I love Boscastle. Visited after the flooding and the lady in the Witchcraft Museum was showing us where the flood levels come to and stuff.

“Everyone is so friendly!”

King Charles visited, then Prince of Wales, visited in July 2019 to see a Cornish hedge restoration project.

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