Whole human torso delivered to medical waste facility and left rotting for days

A healthcare company is being sued for allegedly depositing a whole human torso in a hidden plastic container at a medical waste facility that was discovered four days later.

Monarch Waste Technologies filed a complicated lawsuit against healthcare provider Sanford Health and its subsidiary, Healthcare Environmental Services, claiming that the latter “brazenly” left half a corpse with them in one of its North Dakota facilities.

Monarch claimed that the body was found four days after it was deposited after one of its employees “noticed a rotten and putrid smell” coming from the container,the Independent reports.

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The waste company said it rejected the remains and notified North Dakota’s Department of Environmental Quality, which is investigating the bizarre incident.

The Texas-based company also said that a Sanford Health employee deliberately staged and took photos of disorganised waste to make it seem that Monarch was mismanaging its medical waste as part of a scheme that would allow it to break its contract with the facility.

“Put simply, this relationship has turned from a mutually beneficial, environmentally sound solution for the disposal of medical waste, and a potentially positive business relationship, to a made-for television movie complete with decaying human remains and staged photographs,” Monarch’s complaint states.

Oddly, Monarch’s CEO David Cardenas said in an interview that the body was pointed out by one of Sanford’s waste deliverers.

“One of their guys was there at the facility, it’s the same guy who was delivering waste, we said, ‘Hey, what’s going on? … You need to take this out,’ so their employee ripped it open and there’s the torso.

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“So my guys snapped a picture, called this right away, and we said ‘let’s make a report out, tell the state’,” he claimed.

“You can clearly see it’s a torso” in photos that Monarch took when it discovered the remains, Cardenas claimed, adding that they came from a “teaching hospital.”

Sanford Health said in its response to the lawsuit that the “partial lower body research specimen used for resident education in hip replacement procedures” was “clearly tagged” as “human tissue for research.

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It added it was the sort of “biological material… that Monarch guaranteed it would safely and promptly dispose [of].”

A Sanford spokesperson later described the remains as “the hips and thighs area” when asked for specifics by The Associated Press.

The Daily Star has contacted both Sanford and Monarch for comment.

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