Wild Reddit conspiracy claims Google Maps is ‘covering up’ Russian territory

A user on Reddit has raised a question over why Russia ’s territories are not shown on Google Maps after noticing a province between Poland and Lithuania was not labelled.

The user noticed the Russian city of Kaliningrad, which sits in the middle between Poland and Lithuania’s border, was missing a country label and was instead left with only its border lines.

The user posted an image of the missing label and asked the question why it is being hidden, believing Google had once labelled it as Russia.

They wrote: “Google is now hiding that there is Russia between Poland and Lithuania. Any ideas why now?”

The response to the post was met with “strange” with some mentioning that other countries' territories had also been “removed”.

Vladimir Putin launched an invasion on neighbour Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday morning as he continues to send troops into the country in an attempt to overthrow its leaders.

Russia has been hit with a number of sanctions after its actions shocked the world but it is unknown if the label of Russia was ever on Kaliningrad.

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The province of Kaliningrad was once a German and still includes its heritage in parts of its architecture, including Brandenburg Gate.

However, some users pointed out Google that they believe it was never labelled Russia due to the size of the area and believed putting it there would have caused confusion.

A user said: “It's never done that, when a country has multiple areas of land it's not going to give the country name on each section. Look at Indonesia…not every island is going to have INDONESIA written all over it.

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Another added: “Go to any globe of the Earth and that that part of Russia won't be labelled, but its borders marked. This is probably to avoid confusion. This has always been the case on Google Maps, they simply do not have enough space to fit the word "Russia" at that zoom level.

“Also they aren't intentionally denying this is Russian territory because if you click Kaliningrad, or anywhere inside that territory, it will show up that it is a part of Russia”.

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